Discover Expedition-Class

Ocean Expedition Yachts brings you the most advanced offshore expedition-class yachts in the world.

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Expedition-Class Power Catamarans Come of Age

Ocean Expedition long-range power catamarans deliver double the space, speed, economy and value of similarly sized yachts while ensuring 100% of the safety and reliability you expect.

Ocean Expedition 55

Long range, stable ride, comfort and outstanding value are just some of the attributes that define the Expedition 55 yacht. The space and livability will amaze you. Explore the world on your terms with the Expedition 55.

Ocean Expedition 65

There are no compromises with the Expedition 65. Exceptional living spaces, unprecedented value and unmatched performance combine for an experience like no other. Step up to the Expedition 65 and find your adventure.

Control, Economy, Speed

Ocean Expedition Yachts are available with a variety of power and drive-train options. While standard shaft drive is a robust and traditional choice, the availability of Zeus drives is nothing less than a game changers. Tremendous advantages in control, economy, and performance are on tap with the upgrade to Zeus Power. With Cummins Zeus® Pod Propulsion you will enjoy: unparalleled ease of use, prop protection, and performance • Joystick control for fearless docking • Skyhook® automatically maintains position and heading • Integrated trim control automatically optimizes running angle • Designed for protection from grounding and collision • Reliable, robust and thoroughly proven • Two-year all inclusive warranty Performance • Reduced noise, vibration and emissions • Increased efficiency • Improved maneuverability

Explore, Discover, Relax

At Ocean Expedition Yachts we manufacture long-range power catamaran yachts that are faster, more stable and more economical to operate. These fast trawler style yachts are true, ocean-going homes designed for adventure. Nearly 20 years of power catamaran and sail catamaran as well as mono-hull yacht building experience are designed into each Ocean Expedition craft. Ocean Expedition Yachts has integrated the best naval architecture and proven modern building materials and techniques into a massively strong, robust sea-going package. These power catamarans are designed to take you anywhere on the planet – all while delivering world-class comfort, safety, economy and performance.